Hyper automation is a further advancement of RPA forming an ecosystem of all the latest automation technologies that augment the utilization of human resources. Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Process mining, Decision management, Natural Language Processing, Optical Character Recognition, Analytics and other 3rd party tools having RPA as its core, these are the several components which are brought together by hyper automation.

CTD Techs is in partnership with UiPath and Automation Anywhere. It is a leader in combining the right automation technologies to infuse hyper automation into any enterprise to discover, design, automate, implement and manage business-critical processes and workflows. We have a proven track record of end-to-end hyper automation implementation to support clients’ every phase of automation lifecycle. We bring in more processes and components of your organization into the automation radar by leveraging the latest technology and tools.

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Robotic Process Automation help to transform business operations and speed up delivery in one of the most competitive and vital industries in the world. Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence can help drive better turnaround on delivery, enhance customer experience, and simplify businesses in various industries.

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Benefits of Hyper automation

Unlocks Maximum Potential

Hyper-automation enhances the Artificial Intelligence capabilities of an organization such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and Machine Learning (ML) so that more tasks can be processed and automated.

Flexibility and agility at work

Tools along with cultural change, enables organizations to achieve scale & flexibility and brings agility to the operation. And also the business doesn’t rely on a single technology for automation purposes.

Enabling employees and improving their productivity

Time consuming tasks are automated so that employees are able to complete more works with lesser available resources and serve more valuable roles in organizations.

Improved collaboration

End-to-end processes across various levels of complexity are automated by the collaboration of Digital Workers and People.

Positive impact on P&L

Gaining key insights, making business processes more efficient, optimizing business opportunities and providing real-time & continuous intelligence by demonstrating quick ROI from automation.

Glance Implementation of Hyper Automation

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Supply Chain: Central Data Maintenance

The process involves downloading the data from SAP. These involves huge amount of data.Complex calculations and involves so many components to audit like, Material availability in Different Storage locations and warehouse. Order is partial order or full Order etc.The process had high error rates, delayed SLA’s, especially in the months of high volume. Here the Major challenge is team has to do truck calculations based on the load weightage, truck capacity, Number of vehicles for the load. This is more complex part for the manual process. The entire team will work for around 4 weeks to complete the process as they have to audit for many orders

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Health Care: Medical Records Retrieving Bot

Repetitive, manual, back office process using structured information, pre-defined rules and a 5% exception rate. The process involves downloading of all medical records of 1680 Patients which includes their Consult forms, X-Rays, Scans, Lab results and other medical documents with structured nomenclature according to their MRN Numbers.

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Payroll: Statutory Payment

Repetitive, manual, back office process using structured information, pre-defined rules and a 5% exception rate. The process involves downloading the data from various sources like API, MYSQL, Oracle and Manual Excel data and to calculate the PF, ESI, PT and LW for all the associates in the organization.

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Finance: Account Payable Process(SAP with IQ BOT)

Repetitive, manual, huge data is processing from the back office semi-structured information, pre-defined and a 10% exception rate.The process involves downloading the PDF files from shared drive, identify the fields from the PDF then post entries in SAP. Then Update details in Excel file with necessary required validations & exceptions. Here the main challenge is taking huge time to identify the Business rules from master files Ex. Tax code, GL Code, Plant code

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Insurance: Claims-Digitization

A complex back office process involving processing of a huge number of insurance claims, from over 700+ hospitals that is repetitive and tedious. A user downloads the customer folder, that contains multiple documents like final bills, detailed bills, receipts, ID proof, etc.