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Our Expertise in Microsoft Power Platform.

At CTD Techs, we specialize in Microsoft Power Platform. With our expertise in this powerful automation platform, we help businesses optimize their processes, reduce manual tasks, and enhance efficiency. Our mission is to empower your organization with the full potential of Microsoft Power Platform, making your workflows smarter and more productive.


Our Power Platform Capabilities

5+ Gen-AI/AI Builder

10+ Power Automate/Flows

5+ Power Apps

50+ AI Builder/ Doc. Automation

5+ Power BI

2 Power Virtual Agent

Dynamic 365

Azure Open AI

Microsoft Could

Our Values

The world's most complete set of integrated, low-code development tools


It is Microsoft’s low code/no-code application development platform that turns ideas into organizational solutions by enabling everyone to build custom apps that solve business challenges.


It is the oldest component of the platform that helps an organization make informed, confident business decisions by putting data-driven insights into everyone’s hands.


(FORMERLY KNOWN AS POWER APPS PORTAL) is Microsoft’s low-code extranet platform that enables external access to create extranet websites.​


(AKA FLOW) is Microsoft’s workflow tool that boosts business productivity to get more done by giving everyone the ability to automate organizational business processes.​​


It is Microsoft’s no-code platform that creates chatbots to engage conversationally with your customers and employees. ​ ​​


It is Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) toolkit that extends the Power Platform and integrates with Power Apps, Power BI and Power Automate and provides no-code AI and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities. ​​


(AKA COMMON DATA SERVICES “CDS”) is Microsoft’s Cloud database technology. Microsoft Dataverse is the data backbone that enables people to store their data in a scalable and secure environment dynamically. ​​


Unlike the other component of the Microsoft Power Platform, Power BI licensing is straightforward. Power BI comes in three editions:​


Limited to building reports and dashboards for yourself and embedding them in the Dataverse for Teams.


The ability to share reports and dashboards in your organization through the Power BI service and embed into any applications within the capacity limit. Power BI Professional is licensed per user and costs $10/user/month (included if you have Office 365 or Microsoft 365 E5).


For an organization with many users where licensing per user would become cost-prohibitive and for organizations with large reporting needs, organizations with the need for larger capacity and dedicated compute capacity. Power BI Premium can be purchased on a per-user basis ($20/user/month) or in dedicated scenarios starting at $4,900/month, so most organizations under 500 users would likely choose the per user pricing.

Power Apps licensing has changed many times over the past three years. Unfortunately, it is more complicated than ever. So Power Apps comes with three distinct user interfaces: ​


Canvas apps are free form apps where you can leverage your creativity to create web or mobile applications. Power Apps Canvas which uses standard connectors are free to use in your Microsoft Office 365 environment. The list of standard connects can be found at this link. ​


Model-Driven are apps that are driven by data and a component-focus approach to app development. Unlike Canvas apps, the design is limited to predefined layouts and components. For those familiar with the Dynamics CRM platform, model-driven apps are the technology used for Dynamics CRM apps and Customer Engagement applications. ​


Portals address the need to create externally-facing web portals like communities, customer services portals and many more with various ways to identify users or browse content anonymously. Power Apps portals are not new but instead a rebranding of the Dynamics Portals. ​ ​

Like Power Apps, you may find yourself needing more than the seeded use rights you get with Office 365. Power Automate can be extended to add more capacity, higher limits and access to premium connectors. Here is how it works: ​


This allows individual users to create unlimited flows based on their needs and include premium connectors.​Cost is $15/user/month.


If you need to run bots in a virtual machine, you can select this new plan at $150/year​ This allows you to run unlimited bots for one individual machine​.

Dataverse is a fantastic cloud-based database will all features you will expect from a hosted database system including, relational data model, business rules, advanced security, backup/restore and full Application Lifestyle Management (ALM). Dataverse is not licensed independently but comes bundled with Power Apps, Power Automate or Power Virtual Agent with default capacity based on the plan selected. ​

Additional capacity for Dataverse may be needed and can be purchased in increments of 1GB at $30/GB/Month of incremental space.

Power Virtual Agent, “PVA,” does have a seeded version for Office 365 users except for Dataverse for Teams, which includes the right for PVA. If you want to use Power Virtual Agent, be aware of the licensing requirements. It comes in two editions:​


This comes at no cost but has limited capabilities.​ 2000 sessions/tenant/month.​


Create and maintain internal or external facing bots, which cost $1,000/per month for 2000 sessions.​

AI Builder is a great service component that allows infusing AI into your Applications and Flows. AI Builder is included in the Power Automate with attended RPA flow or can be purchased additionally.In December 2021, Microsoft announced that Power Apps per app plan would receive an entitlement of AI Builder service at no cost.​ ​


5000 Service Credit​. Included. ​


1M Service Credit​. $500/month.​ ​

Why Power Automate

Business Card Reader

Automatically process business card information

Invoice Processing (preview)

Read and save information from invoices

Receipt Processing (preview)

Read and save information from receipts

Text Translation

Translate text into a new language automatically

Category Classification (preview)

Categorize text by its meaning so it's easier to analyze

Key Phrase Extraction

Extract the key talking points fron text

Sentiment Analysis

Analyze positive/negative sentiment in text

Entity Extraction

Extract entities and their type fron text

Language Detection

Identify the lanuage used in te text

Text Recognition

Automatically process text from images

Benefits of Power Automate

Support for backend /batch job automation​



Zero Downtime

Support for Desktop automation​

Availability (24/7, all regions/countries, cloud/on-prem etc.)​

Scalability (high volume of tasks, data, forms, improve performance)​

Ease of use (by automation user)​

Our Power Automate Offerings​

Microsoft Power Automate planning and consultation.

Microsoft Power Automate design and Development.

Migration from legacy to a modern Flow system

Working with ready-to-use Flow Templates

Integration services.

Support and maintainance.

Our Expertise


  • Automobile​
  • Manufacturing​
  • Logistics​
  • Fintech​
  • Banking​
  • Pharma​
  • Insurance & TPA​
  • Healthcare​
  • Media​
  • Govt & Public Administration​


  • Finance & Accounting​
  • Supply Chain​
  • Sales​
  • Enrolment​
  • HR​
  • R&D​
  • Core Operations​​
  • IT & Infra​
  • Procurement​
  • Business Development​


  • AI Powered RPA​
  • No Code/Low Code​
  • Web Based​
  • Cloud Based​
  • Windows Based​
  • Main Frame/AS400​
  • Citrix/VDI​ ​
  • Excel and Database​
  • Intelligent Doc. Processing​
  • Chatbot​

Our Capabilities in Power Automate

Click to Open & See, Our Capabilities In Power Automate!

Custom OCR based on the needs. Gen-AI based data extraction​.

Hybrid team who can provide the scripting (VBA, JS) and Python, DLL, Database Solutions to integrate with RPA.

Dedicated Support Engineers who can provide better support and maintenance.

Successfully delivered 5+ major projects with Image Automation.

Expertise in building the solutions with Power Automate, Power Apps, Power BI, Dataverse.

40+ Automation Experts, Expertise in complex projects and different verticals.

Dedicated Solution Architects to provide out of the box sustainable solutions.​

Certified BA & RPM team who can help our clients in smooth workspace Automation & Digital Transformations.

Good record of completing Complex and Challenging projects on time.​

Placed 2+ Hybrid Automation with PA


Dedicated QA Team to ensure providing quality automation products and services.​

Use Cases

Our Power Automate

  • Medical Report Processing​​
  • Order Shipment Processing​
  • User Account Creation Approval Flow​​
  • Expense Approval Flow​​

Our Power Virtual Agents

  • HR Complaince ChatBot​​
  • Web Assistant ChatBot​

Our Power Platform

  • Customer Loyalty Program App
  • Equipment Maintence Scheduler App​

Our Azure Open AI

  • Equipment Maintence Scheduler App